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Q: How long did it take for your bad breath to improve while being on this diet?

This is a Q&A that I also posted in Bad Breath Halitosis Forum, reproduced here for your information.

Q: How long did it take for your bad breath to improve while being on this diet?

A: It doesn't take long, probably 3-5 days, more or less?
But the thing is if I happen to eat any of the bad breath(bb)-causing food, I can get bb within a few hours, and I would have to stay on the bb-causing food-free diet up to a day or two, for bb to disappear.

However, please don't think, this diet must be insanely difficult to follow!! Remember God made so many different food in the world and the combination of food types you can create is enormous as well. We're so used to our own typical diet that we conveniently overlook other foods that we're not used to. Anyhow, once you're on the diet, it becomes a habit, and when the habit is formed, it becomes part of our normal life.

There are gluten-allergic people, lactose-intolerant people, (pea)nut-allergic people in this world as well, and many of them learned to live what they have.

So what should stop me from living without bb, when the reward is so great!

I've listed some of the food that I can have without worrying about bb in this post in my blog.

Q&A: When you're on this diet, are you 100% bad breath free?

This is a Q&A that I also posted in Bad Breath Halitosis Forum, reproduced here for your information.

Q: When you're on this diet, are you 100% bad breath free?

A: Yes, I'm 100% bad breath (bb) free when I'm on the diet. I know for certain that I'm cured because when you're 100% bad breath free, you know that you have fresh breath, and it doesn't take long for you to get on with your life, and just forget that you had bad breath and once frequented this forum to get that magic cure. I didn't have to ask anyone if I had bb. I talked to people right before their face and get no reactions, but really, you know when there's not even a trace of bad breath.

You become unconscious of the fact that you once had bb. You just don't think about it at all.

I think other detox/cleansing diet can be helpful but what I think is the problem with these diets and methods and pills are that they don't address the cause of the problem.

If my theory is correct, we all consume some food that are more likely to induce bad breath in us, if we don't get rid of them, no matter how much you use special cleansing, detox, medicine, and other methods, you'd still have a remnant of bad breath lingering in your body, emanating from your mouth and nostrils.

It's like consuming a lot of cholesterol-rich diet, no matter how much "statin" you consume (by the way, statin is a cholesterol lowering drug, one of the most common drugs prescribed in the world), your cholesterol level is gonna be still fairly high, and puts you at a high risk of heart attacks.

Well, it comes down to a choice, I guess. You can enjoy cholesterol-rich diet and take statin (which has its own share of side effects as well), and still be at a fairly high risk of getting heart attacks, or

You can choose low to free cholesterol diet and don't take statin (so no worry of side effects), and at a lower than average risk of getting heart attacks.

Likewise, you can still have all the foods that cause you bb and take detox/cleansing diet, probiotics, antibiotics (which have it's own side effects), or any other methods or medicine or techniques, and still have a remnant of bb. 10%, 30% or 50%, for instance.

You can take all the foods that cause you bb out of your diet, and don't worry about all the rest. You just get on with your life.

5 Best Ways To Know If You Have Bad Breath

Here are my top 5 best ways to detect if you have bad breath.

No. 1

Someone tells you bluntly, "Your breath stinks!"

  • I can remember one instance very specifically when a girl who tried to sit next to me on the bus told me exactly very unabashedly with a crumpled facial expression and quick bodily reaction stepping away from me with both arms guarding her face with a bit of shrieked voice that my breath smelled demonic, "Oh, your breath stinks!!"

  • Although I had suspicions and self-hypnosis that my breath wasn't too bad, but after all, I was self-deluded, indeed. That incident was, by far, the easiest way to confirm that I had breath. Well, I kissed kisses goodbye from that day. (until I realised it was only a demonic myth, and found cure for bad breath.) 

No. 2

I think I have bad breath.

  • Apart from the frank expression of a stranger, it is ridiculously tricky to figure out if you have bad breath because if you ask people around you, they would, in their sincerity, say politely that they can't really smell anything from you and think you are being paranoiac.

  • Over the years, I found that I am more likely to be able to judge myself if I have bad breath. Some of the symptoms and signs that I have when I have bad breath include:
    1. I can smell my own breath stinking of food that I ate
      • e.g. stinking of curry, rotten beef or decaying chilli-ridden pork fat
    2. I get dry mouth
    3. After drinking water and brushing my teeth, I still have rotten-beef-curry-decaying-chilli-abundant-fat-of-pig breath, and dry mouth.
No. 3

My family tells me they can smell bad breath from me (only when I specifically ask them to tell me if I have bad breath, otherwise they wouldn't tell me that I have bad breath, and tell me I'm paranoiac.)

  • Family's input is still valuable because they're more likely to be honest with the appraisal of your breath than anyone else around you.

No. 4

Thoughts about bad breath and how to cure bad breath dominate your mind

  • You're likely to have bad breath if you spend most of your day surfing on the internet trying to find that magic cure of bad breath which would solve all your problems and let you become the most talkative and social party king and queen on the planet. (I confess that's a bit too much of exaggeration. And well, actually you need to re-learn many social skills to destroy the remnant of awkwardness and anxiety when being too close to someone, especially someone you like.)

No. 5

You're reading this post.

  • If that is the case and/or if you seriously think you have bad breath, and/or some time in the past, some stranger told you explicitly that you have bad breath, I highly recommend How To Cure Bad Breath Halitosis Completely.

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5 Myths About What Causes Bad Breath

There are many myths or misconceptions that people have about causes of bad breath. The following is the list of things that I commonly encounter.

Myth 1

Garlic, onions and ginger cause chronic bad breath.
  • Food that are strong in their smell can indeed cause temporary bad breath but when their odour disappears, the bad breath disappears as well. (I love ginger and I don't get bad breath from it at all!)

Myth 2

Poor dental hygiene is the cause of all chronic bad breath
  • Poor dental hygiene can indeed cause bad breath. However, there are plenty of people who have very poor dental hygiene and yet completely free of the demon of bad breath.

Myth 3

Drinking plenty of water cures bad breath
  • One of the primary reasons why bad breath sufferers drink plenty of water is that it prevents mouth go dry. However, even with gallons of water going into the body we may still have dry mouth because there's other factors that cause dry mouth! (Dry mouth & Bad breath)

Myth 4

Chewing gums cure bad breath
  • Even with fruity chewing gums, bad breath may still persist. Actually, the fruity smell and bad breath can combine to produce fruity bad breath.

Myth 5

Bad breath is incurable. If you have bad breath, you're doomed to social isolation and endless aeons of depression, heartache and despair.

  • I'm the living proof that the statement above is demonic.

What Causes Chronic Persistent Bad Breath?

Well, I have had bad breath for nearly 10 years.

I have had my share of tears, heartache, depression, loneliness and despair.

I searched on the web everyday in my quest to find the magic pill called Cure-Bad-Breath.

I tried to find the cause of my bad breath.

  • Did I have poor dental hygiene? No, not really.
    • (I found that some people who have poor dental hygiene don't have bad breath at all!)

  • Was my stomach producing foul gas? Possibly, but I don't think so. 
    • (Many people who have stomach problems don't have bad breath at all!)

Well, here's my theory of the cause of bad breath.

I have eczema as well. I have dry skin and so I need to put on moisturisers frequently to prevent my skin go dry.

I found that some food worsened my eczema. When I eliminated those food from my diet, I immediately got better and no longer suffered from eczema. (However, if I consume those food again, I get the eruption of eczema again. So my strict diet regimen is essential to my health.)

I also found that my bad breath got better as well with that strict diet regimen.

What I also found was that some people I know who normally don't have bad breath would get bad breath some days. (Maybe a few days a year.)

Those instances were mostly when they were sick.

Additionally, people who fast tend to get bad breath as well.

So here's my theory. When you're sick or fasting you get bad breath. But I had had bad breath when I wasn't sick or fasting?!

So here's the potential link that I found. When you're dehydrated (i.e. dry mouth) whether you're consciously aware of it or not causes bad breath.

When you're sick, you tend to get more dehydrated than usual, and during fasting as well. But I drank a plenty of water?!

What I actually experienced when I had bad breath was that even thought I had been drinking a plenty of water, I'd still get dry-ish mouth AND bad breath!

So it all comes down to WHAT causes bad breath?

My theory is that it's food. Food is the most obvious agent that enters our body every day that can promote our health or worsen our health.

When I eliminated all the food that caused me dry mouth, the demon of bad breath disappeared as well.

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My Current Diet To Prevent Bad Breath Inhabiting In My Mouth Ever Again

I have been practically free of bad breath for the last 3 years. (Probably less than 2 months of bad breath days in total)

I have been essentially free of bad breath for the last 2 years. (Probably less than a month of bad breath days in total)

I have been almost completely free of bad breath this year. (I probably had less than 7 days of bad breath inhabitation this year.)

My not-so-strict diet regimen began 3 years ago.

My quite-strict diet regimen began 2 years ago.

My very-strict diet regimen started at the beginning of this year.

The list of food that causes me bad breath / eczema:
  • Wheat (i.e. bread, pastry, cookies, cakes)
  • Beef (esp. beef fat & pork fat (I only eat lean pork))
  • Spicy food (e.g. chilli, curry)
  • Milk
  • Soy (i.e. soy milk, soyabean oil, tofu)
  • Oils (esp. Canola oil, soyabean oil, coconut oil)

The list of food that I enjoy freely without any worry of bad breath / eczema:
  • Meat (chicken and lean pork)
  • Fish (especially salmon)
  • Eggs
  • Butter, Cheese, Yoghurt
  • Rice (including brown rice)
  • All kinds of vegetables (I enjoy having cabbage, carrot, cucumber, spring onions, ginger, celery, potato, sweet potato but I don't like corn.)
  • All kinds of fruit (bananas, avocados, strawberries, plums, blueberries, cherries, apples, kiwifruit)
  • Grapeseed oil, sesame oil

Japanese cuisine is especially handy for me to eat as many types of Japanese food excludes many ingredients that I avoid. 

I like sushi and donburi as they're yummy to eat, bad breath-free and healthy as well.

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How To Cure Bad Breath Halitosis Completely

Note: Not recommended for infants and children, please consult a medical doctor and/or nutritionist for advice on potential diet plans.

I have suffered from bad breath, halitosis, for nearly 10 years.

Here's how I cured myself of bad breath, halitosis, completely.

I've tried all kinds of different methods in the past to get rid of my bad breath but nothing ever worked to completely remove that demon of bad breath.

Cutting to the chase here's how I did it.

Step 1.
  • Identify what causes your bad breath.

a. Some people have bad breath because they have poor dental condition (even though some people with horrible dental condition do not have bad breath)

b. Make sure it's not decayed tooth (or teeth) in your mouth that generates nose-pinching responses from others.

c. Food. Food. Food. Food is what we consume with our mouth most of the time, and for some unknown reason, I identified that some food caused me bad breath while others didn't.

d. I've identified a list of food that caused me bad breath. The following is the list:

  • Dairy food (milk, butter, cheese, icecream)
  • Wheat (i.e. bread, pastry, cookies, cakes)
  • Spicy food (e.g. chilli, curry)
  • Beef (esp. beef fat & pork fat)
    • I eat pork and chicken
  • Soy (i.e. soy milk, soyabean oil, tofu)
  • Oils (esp. Canola oil, soyabean oil)
    • I use grapeseed oil and sesame oil

Step 2.
  • Eliminate all the food that causes you bad breath out of your diet completely

Step 3.
  • Identify as many bad breath-safe food options as you can. Food that you can eat safely without worrying about bad breath. 

This method is very simple but it can be difficult to follow.

This method is very effective. The result is immediate.
Bad breath can disappear as fast as within a day.

I've been bad breath-free for nearly 2 years.

However, I can get bad breath any time if I happen to eat any of the food listed above. 

If that happens, I can get bad breath as fast as within a few hours, and it may take about a day for bad breath to disappear.

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