Saturday, December 29, 2012

5 Myths About What Causes Bad Breath

There are many myths or misconceptions that people have about causes of bad breath. The following is the list of things that I commonly encounter.

Myth 1

Garlic, onions and ginger cause chronic bad breath.
  • Food that are strong in their smell can indeed cause temporary bad breath but when their odour disappears, the bad breath disappears as well. (I love ginger and I don't get bad breath from it at all!)

Myth 2

Poor dental hygiene is the cause of all chronic bad breath
  • Poor dental hygiene can indeed cause bad breath. However, there are plenty of people who have very poor dental hygiene and yet completely free of the demon of bad breath.

Myth 3

Drinking plenty of water cures bad breath
  • One of the primary reasons why bad breath sufferers drink plenty of water is that it prevents mouth go dry. However, even with gallons of water going into the body we may still have dry mouth because there's other factors that cause dry mouth! (Dry mouth & Bad breath)

Myth 4

Chewing gums cure bad breath
  • Even with fruity chewing gums, bad breath may still persist. Actually, the fruity smell and bad breath can combine to produce fruity bad breath.

Myth 5

Bad breath is incurable. If you have bad breath, you're doomed to social isolation and endless aeons of depression, heartache and despair.

  • I'm the living proof that the statement above is demonic.

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