Saturday, December 29, 2012

How To Cure Bad Breath Halitosis Completely

Note: Not recommended for infants and children, please consult a medical doctor and/or nutritionist for advice on potential diet plans.

I have suffered from bad breath, halitosis, for nearly 10 years.

Here's how I cured myself of bad breath, halitosis, completely.

I've tried all kinds of different methods in the past to get rid of my bad breath but nothing ever worked to completely remove that demon of bad breath.

Cutting to the chase here's how I did it.

Step 1.
  • Identify what causes your bad breath.

a. Some people have bad breath because they have poor dental condition (even though some people with horrible dental condition do not have bad breath)

b. Make sure it's not decayed tooth (or teeth) in your mouth that generates nose-pinching responses from others.

c. Food. Food. Food. Food is what we consume with our mouth most of the time, and for some unknown reason, I identified that some food caused me bad breath while others didn't.

d. I've identified a list of food that caused me bad breath. The following is the list:

  • Dairy food (milk, butter, cheese, icecream)
  • Wheat (i.e. bread, pastry, cookies, cakes)
  • Spicy food (e.g. chilli, curry)
  • Beef (esp. beef fat & pork fat)
    • I eat pork and chicken
  • Soy (i.e. soy milk, soyabean oil, tofu)
  • Oils (esp. Canola oil, soyabean oil)
    • I use grapeseed oil and sesame oil

Step 2.
  • Eliminate all the food that causes you bad breath out of your diet completely

Step 3.
  • Identify as many bad breath-safe food options as you can. Food that you can eat safely without worrying about bad breath. 

This method is very simple but it can be difficult to follow.

This method is very effective. The result is immediate.
Bad breath can disappear as fast as within a day.

I've been bad breath-free for nearly 2 years.

However, I can get bad breath any time if I happen to eat any of the food listed above. 

If that happens, I can get bad breath as fast as within a few hours, and it may take about a day for bad breath to disappear.

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