Sunday, December 30, 2012

5 Best Ways To Know If You Have Bad Breath

Here are my top 5 best ways to detect if you have bad breath.

No. 1

Someone tells you bluntly, "Your breath stinks!"

  • I can remember one instance very specifically when a girl who tried to sit next to me on the bus told me exactly very unabashedly with a crumpled facial expression and quick bodily reaction stepping away from me with both arms guarding her face with a bit of shrieked voice that my breath smelled demonic, "Oh, your breath stinks!!"

  • Although I had suspicions and self-hypnosis that my breath wasn't too bad, but after all, I was self-deluded, indeed. That incident was, by far, the easiest way to confirm that I had breath. Well, I kissed kisses goodbye from that day. (until I realised it was only a demonic myth, and found cure for bad breath.) 

No. 2

I think I have bad breath.

  • Apart from the frank expression of a stranger, it is ridiculously tricky to figure out if you have bad breath because if you ask people around you, they would, in their sincerity, say politely that they can't really smell anything from you and think you are being paranoiac.

  • Over the years, I found that I am more likely to be able to judge myself if I have bad breath. Some of the symptoms and signs that I have when I have bad breath include:
    1. I can smell my own breath stinking of food that I ate
      • e.g. stinking of curry, rotten beef or decaying chilli-ridden pork fat
    2. I get dry mouth
    3. After drinking water and brushing my teeth, I still have rotten-beef-curry-decaying-chilli-abundant-fat-of-pig breath, and dry mouth.
No. 3

My family tells me they can smell bad breath from me (only when I specifically ask them to tell me if I have bad breath, otherwise they wouldn't tell me that I have bad breath, and tell me I'm paranoiac.)

  • Family's input is still valuable because they're more likely to be honest with the appraisal of your breath than anyone else around you.

No. 4

Thoughts about bad breath and how to cure bad breath dominate your mind

  • You're likely to have bad breath if you spend most of your day surfing on the internet trying to find that magic cure of bad breath which would solve all your problems and let you become the most talkative and social party king and queen on the planet. (I confess that's a bit too much of exaggeration. And well, actually you need to re-learn many social skills to destroy the remnant of awkwardness and anxiety when being too close to someone, especially someone you like.)

No. 5

You're reading this post.

  • If that is the case and/or if you seriously think you have bad breath, and/or some time in the past, some stranger told you explicitly that you have bad breath, I highly recommend How To Cure Bad Breath Halitosis Completely.

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