Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Current Diet To Prevent Bad Breath Inhabiting In My Mouth Ever Again

I have been practically free of bad breath for the last 3 years. (Probably less than 2 months of bad breath days in total)

I have been essentially free of bad breath for the last 2 years. (Probably less than a month of bad breath days in total)

I have been almost completely free of bad breath this year. (I probably had less than 7 days of bad breath inhabitation this year.)

My not-so-strict diet regimen began 3 years ago.

My quite-strict diet regimen began 2 years ago.

My very-strict diet regimen started at the beginning of this year.

The list of food that causes me bad breath / eczema:
  • Wheat (i.e. bread, pastry, cookies, cakes)
  • Beef (esp. beef fat & pork fat (I only eat lean pork))
  • Spicy food (e.g. chilli, curry)
  • Milk
  • Soy (i.e. soy milk, soyabean oil, tofu)
  • Oils (esp. Canola oil, soyabean oil, coconut oil)

The list of food that I enjoy freely without any worry of bad breath / eczema:
  • Meat (chicken and lean pork)
  • Fish (especially salmon)
  • Eggs
  • Butter, Cheese, Yoghurt
  • Rice (including brown rice)
  • All kinds of vegetables (I enjoy having cabbage, carrot, cucumber, spring onions, ginger, celery, potato, sweet potato but I don't like corn.)
  • All kinds of fruit (bananas, avocados, strawberries, plums, blueberries, cherries, apples, kiwifruit)
  • Grapeseed oil, sesame oil

Japanese cuisine is especially handy for me to eat as many types of Japanese food excludes many ingredients that I avoid. 

I like sushi and donburi as they're yummy to eat, bad breath-free and healthy as well.

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  1. What do you eat for breakfast and lunch if you don't eat any bread? :)

    1. I may have fruit juice, or have just have rice and some side dishes, like chicken. I usually have sushi for lunch.

  2. Ok thanks! Been doing you diet for a couple of days, seems like it's working well. Also, do you eat any candy or sweets? If so, what kind of candy?

    1. Hi Leetago,

      Acutally I don't really have sweets or candy.

      Instead, I usually have fresh fruit. I like bananas. I often make banana & blueberry juice for breakfast, it's sweet and delicious!

      I avoid processed foods if I can as processed foods tend to give me stomachache + bad breath + eczema.

      As long as I avoid them, I feel good!!

    2. I'm also glad to hear that it's working for you!!

  3. Is this still working for you? I'm thinking of trying this.

    1. Yes, it's still working for me. By the way, I can now have cheese and butter but not milk. I think lactose in milk may play a role in inducing eczema and bad breath in me perhaps?